Thursday, Aug 29, 2019

September is almost here, which means it is time to think about back-to-school planning for your little one.

We have some simple tips to help you make the most of the brand new school year:


  • If you have not already done so, make sure you attend an Orientation.  Also, read the materials that your Head Start provides and let your child’s teacher and other staff know what you think about the materials, or what questions you have.
  • Start practicing routines for school days, such as consistent waking times and bedtimes. Practice getting ready as you will for the school year with your child. These are big adjustments for small children. The more routines they practice, the easier the adjustment to school will be.
  • Tell them how much fun pre-K will be!  Stop by the building and say things like, “You are going to make new friends at your school
  • OR, “Your teacher, Miss Jennifer will be singing you new songs next week.”
  • Fill out all the forms you have to fill out, and make sure your child’s Head Start knows about their needs: food allergies, medical conditions, or any special concerns or information that might be useful. 
  • Volunteer!  Getting to know your child’s teachers, the staff at the school, and the other children will help you understand the goals of Head Start, and help your program run more effectively. We value and respect your time.
  • Join the Parent Committee OR Policy Council. By being involved, you will help us build the best programs for our community.  Head Start works best when parents partner with schools because families are the best advocates for their children.


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