Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

A Chance Encounter

The way Shabree came to ACAP shows that a complete stranger can change your life. While riding the bus one day, a stranger told Shabree Beatty that he should go to ACAP and then get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Shabree had not approached the stranger for advice, but the advice has changed his life. He and his fiancée, Tavasha, came to our headquarters. He felt hesitant, because he was on parole at the time and thought people might be skeptical about him, but he was determined to see ACAP and the CDL class as a new start.

First, Shabree took part in the Workforce Development Credential (WDC) class.  He took the class seriously, wearing a suit every day for the duration of the class. “The class felt like an interview, and I was conscious of that,” Shabree tells us. 


How ACAP Has Helped

ACAP helped Shabree attain his Class B license, and Shabree also took Financial Literacy classes. The Financial Literacy information inspired Shabree to keep a notebook of his hopes and plans. Since then, Shabree upgraded to a Class A license through another opportunity; this license opens even more doors. But he credits ACAP with the opportunity to get the Class B license which was his initial opportunity to gain good employment. He believes in the opportunity so much that he encouraged his fiancée to sign up for her CDL as well. 


Shabree now works for Saratoga Eagle, and is very happy to be in that environment, driving a truck and providing for his family. 


His Career and Plans

While he has encountered some skepticism because of his previous incarceration and being on parole, Shabree has his eyes on the prize.  He believes you have to be humble and realistic, and take the opportunities given to you to learn.  


He wasn’t sure how he was going to accomplish finishing the courses but had a strong motivation: the next guy on parole. Shabree feels that by being a good example of how this program works, ACAP and employers will take on more parolees. “This paper does not define who you are,” he said, noting how no parole paper, or lack of a high school diploma, defines a person.

“He is a perfect example for everyone,” adds his fiancée Tavasha, crediting Shabree for pushing himself. She thinks he is a great role model for others taking the WDC course, and any course ACAP offers. 


Shabree is focused on being a great proactive employee, caring for his children, and future marriage. He also is putting the financial literacy skills he learned to use, by budgeting, saving, and investing. 


Advice From Shabree

Shabree wants all future ACAP customers to know, “Everybody you start with you won’t finish with but don’t be scared.” He says he gives it 110% and encourages others to do the same. 


We thank Shabree for sharing his story.  He’s gone from surviving to thriving, and we are happy to have been part of his journey.


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If health care is not for you ut you do want a new career start consider our CDL class. 

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