Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

     Hannaford Supermarkets is donating $50,000 to help  families in the Albany area who are struggling with food, child care and housing
     through the pandemic.
     Albany Community Action Partnership will purchase a van for our Cohoes Outreach Center and Food Pantry with the generous donation.
     The van will allow ACAP to do more home deliveries to senior and home bound residents. ACAP will also launch a program to deliver
     fresh food to our Early Childhood Education students and their families. 

     Hannaford is citing a recent survey that said a third of parents are struggling to pay for some basic things because of COVID-19
     and its economic impact.

Over 10% of Albany residents suffered from food insecurities over the past year.

The total amount of $100,000 will be split between Albany Community Action Partnership and Schenectady Community Action Program. 

   "We discussed with them that we don't have the resources to do home deliveries or collect more fresh produce, especially because
    demand  was raising," said Neenah Bland, Executive Director of Albany Community Action Partnership. "And Hannaford just jumped right
     in and said,  listen, what do you need and how can we help? And that's how this started." Thank you Hannaford for being part of the
     "Power of Change".

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